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No need to pay for an app download - our site has been adapted to use on any mobile, tablet or cell phone or mobile device - all 100% FREE!Christianmobile phone and secular dating networks Talk 21 mobile phone network mobike phone music Christian mobile phone service networks Christian mobile network & calling cards Christian phone company & call cards Christian dating apps & singles site alternative Have fun - all at 101 Christian Dating Service.

There are of course and have been for many years, a mountain of 'dating advice' books - most of which contain the usual brush your teeth/ comb your hair type boy girl advice - but there are amongst them some gems that contain all sorts of insights and truths about human behaviour that can help. Have fun and God bless you all - 101 Christian Dating Service.

Todays Great Quote "Friends are like windows through which you see out into the world and back into yourself...

If you don't have friends you see much less than you otherwise might.

We aim to offer sms text date services at much lower rates than the secular world will sting you for..

basicly to cover our costs and allow us to develop 101 Christian Dating for the benefit of single Christians.


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