Itemupdating read only field

There are lots of blog posts about that, but the main problems with all of those are amount of time you have to invest to produce the result and the fact that it is practically out of bounds of the regular Share Point user.My company Sharepointalist was diligently working on making conditional formatting features accessible and usable by the regular Share Point user.I've run through this project and I am having a problem where the Rad Grid1_Update Command and Rad Grid1_Insert Command events are not firing?Do they fire for you in this example when you click on the Insert or Update links in the auto generated edit form? Thanks Steve Hello, I reviewed and tested the sample locally.

= null) public static Document Set Create Document Set(SPList list, string Document Set Name) Please check the internal name or static name of the fields you are updating. Checkout is required in the document then you have to Checkout the item before updating and Checkin after updating. And does the form edit template has interface for editing or you can just edit it in aspx source?I am relatively new to sharepoint and try to write a web service to return our sharepoint inventory data as xml it was ok up to now but one of those list includes a lookup field and in created xml instead of returning value it returns the class below. If the problem persists at your end, you can open a formal support ticket, and send us a small project sample, with the problematic implementation.Best wishes, Yavorthe Telerik team Hi Fabio, Two sample project presenting how to update/insert records having Rad Date Picker editors in template columns you can find in this section of our knowledge base: believe that they will help you address the problem you are facing. Do you have complete package sample of manual insert/update/delete with dropdownlist and datepicker?It allows you to style your list, apply color schemes, manage font-styles and colors - all on top of you regular Share Point user interface.


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