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(object of action, thought, desire) il elevas su a la richeso e a la honori: he is rising to weather and honors; atencema a la diskurso, attentive to the discourse; surda a la ditreso-krii: deaf to the cries of distress; amo a Deo: love to God; me deziras a vu omna feliceso: I wish you all happiness. Abandonar persono, ofico, posteno, esas sive lasar li, nevolunte o kontrevole, sive violacante ula devo (abandonar infanti, parenti). to make less in height); abasar esas igar decensar ad infra nivelo. Ex.: La Portugalani esis le unesma qui abordis la literi di India. sole e sen docanto); prenar ulu aparte (por parolar a lu specale, exter e for la ceteri). Ex.: Aplastar insekto per la pedo, vit-beri per presilo. audaco); (inst.) plummet, plumb-line; -a: upright, plumb, self-assured, confident; stacar aplombe: to stand upright, plumb. — e FISardez-a, -o: slate; -ea, -atra, -oza: slaty; -a krayono: s. Def.: Deprenar gratante per instrumento ula parti de la surfaco di korpo. Ex.: La homo qua ne exajeras manjante, drinkante, qua esas moderema e su-dominacanta, esas sobra persono. — EFISsoci-o: society (in general) community: any large body of persons or living beings living a community life; -eto: society (formed for a particular object), association; (com.) company, partnership (cf. — EFISsol-a: alone; without company, sole, only (cf. Ex.: On ankore trovas kredo ad sorcado inter la populi savaja. — EFsordid-a, -ega, -acha: (of things) dirty, nasty, foul, soiled, sordid, slovenly, sluttish; (fig. shaminda, pudora); -eso, -ajo: (quality, object) dirtiness, filthiness: dirt, filth; -(ul)o, -acho: a dirty person; -igar: to dirty, soil. Ex.: Sordida aquo, linji, chambro, manui, homo, avareso.

(comparison or relation) agreabla a la gusto: agreeable to the taste; ca okupo konvenas ad il: this occupation suits him; (proportion; total) tri raportas a non quale du a sis: three is to nine as two is to six; evaluar lua revenuo a 10.000 franki; taxar ol a 400 franki: to estimate his income as (amounting to) 10,000 francs; to tax it at (at the rate of, a total of) 400 francs. Retretar esas retromarchar: la senco primitiva e propra esas militala; senci figurala e derivta: livar la mondo (religiala retreto), funciono od agado (retreto di oficisto, komercisto, e.c.); II — 647. Lu dormas en aparta chambro (ne en la komuna dormeyo). — DEFISapel-ar: (intr.) to appeal (in law); (fig.) to call for aid or sympathy (ad ulu, pri ulo); facar apelo: to lodge an a.; asignar -o: To give notice of a. Ex.: Me apelas a vu por regulo di ca questiono; apelar pri un judicio o tribunalo ad altra. Def.: Signifikas propre: vertikala pozeso, vertikaleso, e nur metafore: fido en su ipsa, audaco (t.e. pencil; -a tabelo: slate (for writing); -kolor-izar: to cover, with s. — DFIRSsklav-o, -ulo, -ino: slave; -ala, -atra, -ema: slave, slavish, servile; -eso, -atr-eso, -igo, -esko: slavery, servility, servitude, bondage; -esar: to be a s., be in slavery; -igar: to enslave, enthrall (ulu); -isto: partisan of slavery; -ig-isto: slaver. firmo); -ano: member of a (large) society; citizen; -et-ano: member of an association; -ala: social: relating to society; -et-ala: relating to an association; -ema: sociable; -em-eso: sociability, good fellowship; -al-ismo: socialism; -al-ist-a, -ala: socialist. nura, unika, solitara); -eso: solitude; -isto: (mus.) soloist; -o: (mus.) solo. — EFISsorg-ar: (tr.) to care for (by physical acts), take care of, look after (ulu, ulo); to take pains with; -(ad)o: care, attendance; -ema: careful, painstaking, regardful (cf.

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