Dating clay pipes

It was found in modern times somewhere in deepest Europe (Czech Republic).The age of this figurative clay art is mind-blowing. Homo Sapiens) is thought to have evolved around only 130,000 years ago.There are pebbles, mainly flint, which were naturally deposited by successive glacial actions up to the last Ice Age around 21,000 years ago ..but many of those, especially the larger and more weirdly shaped nodules, could have just as likely been shipped in along with the chalk.The purpose of this article is to describe a little piece of interesting resent Danish Pipe history which the Royal Porcelain Pipe is a part of.

The ample lady in the picture opposite could well be the oldest piece of clay art sculpture in the world. On this page we look at how human beings have used clay to make art from caveman to modern times.Our selection includes great value pipes that would make ideal gifts for birthdays, Christmas, wedding, Valentines, anniversaries or just as a treat.An excellent selection of wonderfully crafted items from the most prestige pipe makers. The history of ceramic art goes back to pre-history, when we were living in caves.The clay venus of Dolni was sculpted somewhere between 27,000 to 31,000 years ago - technically known as the Gravettian period of the upper Palaeolithic (late Stone Age).This database is part of a major project being undertaken by to create a physical and digital archive of clay pipe makers’ marks from London excavations, including both pipes made in the capital and imported from further afield.


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