Drupal dating

Basic members can use the "send drink" feature (a custom written module) to show initial interest and also reply to messages from other subscribed members for free, but cannot initiate new messages to members without being a subscribed member.All members are also allowed to create private profiles which can be only viewed by subscribed members if they have the view permission granted by the profile's owner (user owning the profile).

The ready to use contact forms help in maintaining a steady and updated database of the members.

So, I thought maybe this is a good opportunity to bring the basic functionalities of a dating site in the front of Drupal community and see how they can be implemented to the more extensive details.

This is the reasoning behind my wish to post here the details of building my dating site (as a showcase).

Although the site is not yet finished, I hope - in the spirit of the open source that has been always the basis and represents the premises which the drupal website itself has been built upon - to be allowed to display this unfinished showcase and allow for interested contributors / members to bring valuable contributions.

However, this is not a project of defining a module, a theme or a code snippet.


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