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They roll their eyes about bum boyfriends, men who are scared to get too close. Perhaps they may get out and dance after a little bit of bottled courage.

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When you were about 3, I gave you a tent that attached to your mattress. She notices the details that make each person special.oz.) is a muted, medium-dark peach with a hint of pink and barely there pink sparkle.It was supposed to have medium coverage, and it had more semi-opaque coverage when I tried it.She gets that it strengthens and empowers to value others and honor them openly. The truth is, you share amazing gifts with each other. You talk to each other with the type of honesty that only comes when there is a deep sense of trust.You tease each other as only people who truly see each other can.From left, Jerry Robinson visits with Karen Hiett and Jim Graham, while Eric Hietala (foreground left) chats with Bob Linebarger during a gathering for the Meetup group New Beginnings for Single Boomers on Wednesday at The Ming Wah in Spokane. A typical night in a Spokane bar, where singles are looking for fun and perhaps a date and, if they are really fortunate, maybe a relationship.


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