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Accessible and open-minded, compassionate and brutally honest, American Hookup explains where we are and how we got here, asking not “How do we go back? ” 10/10/2016Wade, a professor of sociology at Occidental College, reframes the conversation about casual sex on college campuses today with a sharp, canny report on how hookup culture has become a new norm of American campus life (“It’s more than just a behavior; it’s the climate”), and why its sexual dynamics should be cause for concern.Wade includes firsthand accounts from her research subjects (her students from the two American liberal arts colleges where she’s taught), who report in fresh and candid language on their experiences. I was just a few months shy of my 18th birthday and learned that the law required my parents’ consent for an abortion. This experience demonstrates how abysmal my sex education was. I frantically scoured the Internet for information.

App-equipped wireless devices give users worldwide the ability to act as remote sensors for all sorts of data as they go through their daily routines—whether it’s invasive garlic mustard weed in Washington State or red-bordered stinkbugs in Quintana Roo, Mexico.Additionally, parents are allowed to opt their children out of sex education programs in 35 states and in D.C., while three states require parents to consent in order for their children to participate in such programs. Senate cut the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative, which supports organizations addressing rising teen pregnancy rates with evidence-based programs, by 80 percent.The students design the apps in collaboration with scientists at their university and elsewhere, including professional anthropologists, ecologists and ornithologists.Cyber Citizens has four apps in beta: Beach Health Monitor, Lichen AQ (Air Quality), Mushroom Mapper and Ethnographer. I had just fooled around with an acquaintance of mine, and my period was a few days late. I knew I would never carry out a pregnancy at such a young age and that my conservative, immigrant parents would never agree to the procedure, so I considered my choices, which included traveling to a state without parental consent laws or asking my friend’s mom to take me to the clinic and pose as my own mother. The overarching message that girls received in my high school health class was that if we had sex, we were going to get knocked up.


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