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You can drag this function to the end of your list.We advise to use an identifier, like the Global Company Key, instead of the name, because names can change.Select more than one search option at a time to speed up the search and make the retrieval more focused.The searches are highly dependent on the geographic location, and a state or zip is required for all searches except an exact match for Facility ID. Facility Name Enter the complete or partial facility name to retrieve all facilities with that name within your selected geography.Sales and marketing professionals also need context to evaluate prospects, nurture leads, and close sales.The Discover Org platform is a game-changer for sales, marketing, and staffing professionals.return to top ยป Input a social security number (name/address optional) and retrieve name with most current address associated with the inputted SSN, notification of deceased social security number, or notification of valid / invalid social security number.Also returns current phone number (if available), approximate date of SSN issue, state of issue, date of birth (if available), two prior addresses histories, current occupants and phone numbers at the prior 2 addresses (if available).

Key features of the Discover Org sales intelligence platform include: Discover Org eliminates the risk of purchasing static prospect lists.

You can narrow your search by selecting various options including facility name, geographic location, facility industrial classification, and chemicals.

Only those facilities matching all specified criteria will be retrieved.

Sales and marketing teams need direct paths to the right decision makers.

Accurate names, contact info, and role and responsibility data are crucial, but only the first step.


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