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Instructions Fill in the following information and send an email to [email protected] Wait for confirmation of receipt and stay tuned for new instructions that will be sent to your email. We will initiate the return after the deadline of sending.Bitcoin mining is intentionally designed to be resource-intensive and difficult so that the number of blocks found each day by miners remains steady.Regeringen har netop fremsat det første udspil til en ny betalingslov.PSD2 skal være implementeret i dansk lov senest 13.

Pros: I was able to customise to suit multiple resources across a number of services offered. Cons: They have only just recently added the functionality of customising email templates.

Deep in the forest lives the abominable Bit Kong, a formidable ape with a penchant for blondes, climbing, and eating custodial technicians. And that is his only weakness, and possibly his downfall... By using an elaborate system of coconuts, ropes and pulleys, he has created a provably fair game that will strain your nerves with a chance at striking it rich as bananas. Now say what you will about this big hairy beast, but his games are always fair.

Back in 2009, Bit Kong was already stacking mbits like a king, which is why some believe he is the original Satoshi, still hoarding coins deep within the jungle. But whatever you believe, being a Bitcoin millionaire is not enough of a thrill for this Gigantopethicus. Maybe you’ll be lucky, but keep your hands off the girls I have in my cave.” Travellers have known to return from his lair in their underpants, staring at their feet and sighing, “Well, at least he wasn’t a loan shark! Others groaned at his puns, and bought themselves a rolex with their winnings. Please let him do this, at least he’s not smashing buildings anymore.

This is the first overview of the Danish Fintech Scene.

Spread the word and show it to your friends, colleagues, partners and fintechers in general.


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