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Principles of equality and fairness - the foundation of our system of law-prevailed, and barriers began to give way. And there is another field you can have solely for your own. Women attorneys are shining lights within the profession because they recognize when kindness will accomplish more than cold-bloodedness.

The events, aides have said, are tailored to the candidate’s strengths, and crafted with the understanding that Clinton — as one of the most scrutinized figures in politics, followed wherever she goes by the press and a band of Secret Service agents — faces the particular challenge in this campaign of making herself accessible, to the “Everydays,” as an “Everyday American” herself. ”His unflagging pursuit marked a first in this campaign: Never before has Clinton had to confront, in such close proximity, a hostile challenger — or a force that so disrupts one of the closed, controlled events she's hosted in the key primary states.After the organizing event in Bartlett, Clinton ventured outside the bubble her campaign has created in this endeavor — about 30 minutes northeast, near the top of the White Mountain region, to a Fourth of July parade in Gorham, N. As soon as she started down Route 2 — the main drag of this small town in the state’s North Country — Clinton was still smiling, but something had shifted. And unlike the large share of her appearances this year, the parade in Gorham was open. Reporters were free to walk in the street next to Clinton — until about halfway down the route, when two campaign aides brought out a thick white rope, which they held like a clothesline in front of the candidate.This was not the back-porch in Glen, garden and lily-pad pond below. Members of the press were forced to stay on the other side.“Maine has [1.3] million residents and only 26,000 are millionaires,” said Murphy, a National Guardsman and longtime construction worker and engineer.“She is representative of that small group, but that leaves a lot of us out in the cold. I’m hoping [voters] look at me and say, ‘This guy understands what it’s like not knowing if he can fill his gas tank this week.’” Misiuk, a non-traditional sophomore at the University of Southern Maine, is taking a similar approach to his campaign, albeit with the slant of casting himself as the voice for younger voters.What painful quips and indignities did they keep to themselves, resolving to work even harder to prove the disbelievers wrong? The New Hampshire Women's Bar Association recently paid tribute to New Hampshire's first 100 women attorneys with a celebratory dinner on May 2, 2002.


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