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Helping them actually helps him regain perspective and self-confidence.When I Write the Book Written by Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds, Billy Bremner and Terry Williams Performed by Rockpile Courtesy of Riviera Global Records Ltd.She says she's going to fly out to Michigan to stay with her.Carter sits up and says he should go stay with Gramma, that it would be just what he needs.Though his mother objects to this decision, he ignores her and flies to Michigan. He knocks on the door with a cheerful remark, and Phyllis, obviously forgetting her own grandson, slams the door on him. Phyllis reveals that she has been starving herself the past three weeks, and Carter sees that all of the food in her home has gone stale.After a few brief phone calls with his mother and his boss, Carter begins to clean up his grandmother's home.

A series of overlapping stories about four suburban families dealing with different maladies. soft-porn writer Carter Webb is frustrated enough, after his actress girlfriend dumps him, to need a serious break.

Carter's mother tells him that she will be leaving for Michigan to take care of Phyllis.

Carter offers to take his mother's place as caregiver for his grandmother, explaining that he wanted to get out of the life he was currently living and write a biographical story he has been working on for the past eleven years.

As she walks away, the audience can see that, although she was straight faced when she dumped him, she starts crying too.

Carter walks out of the diner and lights a cigarette that just hangs off of his lips. It's his boss, yelling about a script that Carter turned in; we find out Carter writes soft-core porn.


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