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Example: “You have received dating tip of the day, please dial *0* to listen.

If user does not have enough credit on a particular day, the dating tip will not be served.

INFORTAINMENT The User subscribes to a particular service by sending an SMS with the key word of the infotainment service to a short code 2510 along with a command.

The user is charged a fee of 10Gp/message/day for the subscription from the following day.“The biggest mistake people make on dates is that they try to be someone that they’re not and they try to over perform, and then they start to set expectations for relationships which they can’t keep up with over time,” he explained in a new video filmed behind the scenes of a new ad campaign he starred in for Wrigley’s Gum.“So I would say the best thing you can probably do is sort of be yourself and have enough self humility to drive whatever car you have, and go to whatever restaurant you can afford to go to, and then just depend on you, because you’re probably good enough.” Mila’s recent addition of a wedding band has sparked wedding rumors. Sure — that’s easy for him to say considering he’s Ashton freakin’ Kutcher and can drive whatever car he wants and can eat at any restaurant he so desires.However, the user will not be automatically unsubscribed to the service.The user has an option to unsubscribe and cancel the service by sending an SMS to 2510 with the unsubscription command, X followed by the service name.), as he recently opened up about the dating tip that helped him win over the 31-year-old brunette.


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