Global address list not updating in cached mode

Every time a Mac checks for new mail, it also updates the GAL.

Hi Part of the user account attributes are updating in Outlook 2010 (cached mode) but some aren't.For example City is not updating but organisation "manager" or "direct reports" are.Is the address book pulling those details such as "manager" directly from AD whereas the attribute "City" is strictly downloaded in the addressbook?For known issues and workarounds for other Oracle SOA releases, see Known Issues for Oracle SOA Products. Change the "Delivery Mode Override" to "Non-Persistent" and save the changes. Click "Activate Changes" from the change center (only required on production domains).On this page: (Last updated: 20-April-2017) to locate the patches needed to install Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight. Bug ID: Added on; 22 March 2016 Platform: All Mapping a milestone to a database adapter (request or response) leads to errors at runtime if indicators have been assigned to the milestone.Because of this, a new user may not be visible in the address book, or changes to a user’s name, address, etc.


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