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You can help make life easier for your users by connecting validated information to their ORCID records—and you will also be helping to build trust in scholarly communications.

Choose the Alerts tab to trigger Reminders for the whole sheet, or to notify yourself & others of changes to the sheet.You will require Member API credentials for the sandbox testing server, as well as a testing record on the ORCID sandbox in order to test adding and updating items to the ORCID record.Check our getting started guide to learn how to get credentials and a testing ORCID record.Advise the ATO of any changes to your client list by lodging a Client update (CU) form in Xero Tax.This includes changes like adding and deleting clients or advising that a client has no obligations to lodge tax returns for specific years or from a specific year.Notes may take a variety of forms, but generally they consist of a written record about events, statements or actions of some importance.


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